Dustmite (Single)

by Fall of the Tin Can Empire

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Recorded in the Fall of 2011 in Paul's bedroom, Amherst MA.


released November 13, 2011


Paul Conant - Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Trumpet
Sam Le Beau - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Accordion, Trombone

Cover art by Rosemary Le Beau
Cover Design by Sam Le Beau

All songs written, arranged, recorded, and engineered by Fall of the Tin Can Empire.



all rights reserved


Fall of the Tin Can Empire

With an eclectic and unique sound, Fall of the Tin Can Empire takes folk music to another level but returns it to its pleasing sing-songy roots through songs that go from light to heavy, psychedelic to classical and grandiose to minimalist, making use of instruments like viola, accordion, banjo, and horns. Fronted by Paul Conant and Sam LeBeau. ... more

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Track Name: Dustmite (Demo)

Well I am a dust mite with no bed to roam
And I might just die next time the wind comes to blow
It’s rocky and freezing and I’m all alone
Would you give up your hygiene to leave me my home?

And I am an ant so please step on my hill
And there's so much of me so you’ll see me still
It’s fun but you don’t see how I’m left alone
Would you never change a thing to leave me my home?

Oh darling if I was a star you’d look up at me
And I would look back to you
We’d never change anything

So bring all your blankets cause heaven is high
And hold yourself sitting all on top of the sky
It’s cold and I know where clouds cannot climb
Would you make all your breathing to pump and inflate all our lives?

Cause we’re all collected fibrous flesh
We’re flowing like juice through a perpetual nest
So bring yourself backwards where all is your home
Silver trickling stars where you’ve always been known
Track Name: Throw It Away (Demo)

I've got nothing to give up
but somehow, everything is giving in
while I'm unsure how today will end
tomorrow's no time to begin


Gravity pulls me down to square one
and if I keep going back to where I'm from
I would be nothing more than what I am today
this trash heap builds up in my hands

I'll throw it away...

The top is not somewhere I can go
and love is not something I will know
the damage is done
and I've got nothing left to throw away