Fall of the Tin Can Empire

by Fall of the Tin Can Empire

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All songs written, arranged, recorded, mixed, and engineered by Fall of the Tin Can Empire. This album was recorded and produced in bedrooms, living rooms, basements, churches, garages, and classrooms throughout New England.

Mastered by Drew Daniels & Fall of the Tin Can Empire at CDIA in Waltham, MA.

Album artwork by Rosemary Le Beau & Felisia Sainz

Photography & design by Sam Le Beau

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released August 25, 2012

Paul Conant
Sam Le Beau
Amber Fetik
Brit Peters
Bill Schwab
Mark Schiffer
Erik Brown
Charles Geer



all rights reserved


Fall of the Tin Can Empire

With an eclectic and unique sound, Fall of the Tin Can Empire takes folk music to another level but returns it to its pleasing sing-songy roots through songs that go from light to heavy, psychedelic to classical and grandiose to minimalist, making use of instruments like viola, accordion, banjo, and horns. Fronted by Paul Conant and Sam LeBeau. ... more

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Track Name: When She Was Five
The girl I love, when she was five
said you’re a cloud after you die
and born from a wheel spun of gold in my arms
made by god and built with yarn

but once underground, we will darkly decay
with singing needles threading all our days
over and over and over again, holding close the light to prove
that you’re only just beginning now to move

The girl I love, she sails a ship
That she cant leave, where she will die
and all i can do is simply sweetly taste her wake
and watch her ship as it sinks to the sky

But once frozen over in the belly of the snow
we’ll find our souls some place we couldn’t have known
where I’ll hold you dear, like a motherless child and I will find a home for you
cause you’re only just beginning now to move
Track Name: Throw It Away
I’ve got nothing to give up
but somehow, everything is giving in
while I’m unsure how today will end
tomorrow’s no time to begin


Gravity pulls me down to square one
and if I keep going back to where I’m from
I would be nothing more than what I am today
this trash heap builds up in my hands

I’ll throw it away…

The top is not somewhere I can go
and love is not something I will know
the damage is done
and I’ve got nothing left to throw away
Track Name: I Wish I Was Medicine
Know the cephalized seeing
Smelling blood and wet lead
Hear the human foot stepping on the telluric head
Hear the leaves’ crackle, sounds just like the chewing of burnt bread
Beneath the microwave’s handle, that makes the door to our bed

And we’ll all fly
We’re winged souls and we’re tired of the floor
A pinwheel unceasing it’s cycle, and for
The bridging of light that hides all behind
All that we know and love, that bandages our lives

I wish I was medicine you would swallow and then
While perched on your bones I would hasten your mend
Re-attaching those feet which you no longer own
You would shine just like a diamond
And I would have a home

So hold me
Before you’re dead and old
The TV haunts me and it kills
And I feel strings attaching to my spine
They’re dragged by jets
They’re coming for our lives
Track Name: Rescue Radio
This candle lighting the city belongs inside of me
pregnant and silent, crawling,

its rays like horoscopes of steam
machines flew by, minds went dry
and they all dissolved

and now could it be?
a giant face noone can see
peering out, open mouthed
conveyer belt eyes

These days I’m pulled by signals meant for someone elses sky
when the rescue radio sings
Track Name: Alone in 1420
Here I am, waiting out the hours
as they pass, slowly
Home isn’t quite the same
without familiar things
your memories; growing old, you let them slip away

and when you are alone up in your room
you think about
anything that ever made you feel at home

I remember when I spoke with you over the phone
you said such wonderful things to my head
now I look forward to every day I have
I know I won’t always be alone
Track Name: Dustmite
Well I am a dust mite with no bed to roam
And I might just die next time the wind comes to blow
It’s rocky and freezing and I’m all alone
Would you give up your hygiene to leave me my home?

And I am an ant so please step on my hill
And there’s so much of me so you’ll see me still
It’s fun but you don’t see how I’m left alone
Would you never change a thing to leave me my home?

Oh darling if I was a star you’d look up at me
And I would look back to you
We’d never change anything

So bring all your blankets cause heaven is high
And hold yourself sitting all on top of the sky
It’s cold and I know where clouds cannot climb
Would you bring all your breathing to pump and inflate all our lives?

Cause we’re all collected fibrous flesh
We’re flowing like juice through a perpetual nest
So bring yourself backwards where all is your home
Silver trickling stars where you’ve always been known
Track Name: Walking Away
I was the bad boy at school
I never thought too much through
It was all in good fun, I’m done
Noone could point me in the right direction

I know it’s early, but I’m ready
I’m gonna do this for myself
I dont want to change and I dont want to stay
and I dont care so I’m walking away

Live fast, die young
leave a beautiful stain on the hearts of everyone
Time goes on

There’s nothing left here for me
Get me out of this town
I take everything back, glad I made you all laugh
but I’m walking away

Makes me sick, makes me sad
This is mine, I’m gonna do what I want with it
I fucked up, I was right

I’ll see you soon
Track Name: Jack-O-Lantern's Face
Well you cant feed babies on just clouds
and unhear all unjust mouths
pretend that squares are round
but flowers are growing on tops of trees
and Greenland’s frost melts to the sea

Where I blinked without words
my head was so heavy
and evidently
a Jack o Lanterns face
that’s never been carved
won’t shine very far

I slept without sound
and woke like an engine
I was surprised
to wake with such sight
a lantern’s face was glowing like stars
Track Name: Harrison
Every smile I made
and every child (that) complained
conversations with those I can only remember
and taking everything for granted

May you find the love you’re owed

I’ve grown ashamed of things in my past
and grown apart from the love I had
Arguments that don’t matter
and those I left alone

I hope you like the life you chose

Dont know when we’ll end
Track Name: Born Without a Half
You’re not here with me
You’re the freest of the world that I see
So open your eyes and hear the clouds disguise
And touch its windy face before you die

Hello, you
I’ll see you someday soon
When I don’t raise my head the morning after

I know it’s odd
I was born without a half
my sun is sad and my hurt is full of laughter

A single toe
Pawing at the grass
Like timid lightning taking years to pass

So learn to know
True love when it’s true
And glide across all tombs that I have shoveled

Cause on the day when you die
When your eyes start their climb
You’ll become a baby again
And if I’m left here alive:

I will seek here to slide

On glowing rings in a baby’s dream
Where every cloud to pass your window is me

Where I’ll turn all my reeling
To rapturous heat cause when I sing, I sing
To a girl whose mouth is a trumpet
With the mind of a trampoline

Ta da!
Track Name: I am a Lady Seahorse
Ice smashed windows and jigsaws arranged
by ash and seafoam they are fractured this day
so I’m swallowing the glass
going insane

what once was ours is now turning blue
from strangulation, it’s fracturing the glue
so I’m breaking through the glass
yep, going insane

Silently from all the world that we dont see
Savvy tongues unfurl their secrecy
faucet of a face that cries and drips some more
you are born and then again youre born
ten thousand times, again you’re born

and then there are
blinking cameras catching rain
calisthenics caught frame by frame
so I’m calling out to you

The borders make a mess where lightning forks the frame
Like pale bark before a breathing flame
listen to the memories held inside of sand
for I am a lady seahorse and I love my pregnant man….
Track Name: Overture
A life, a face, a time: Gigantic
reactions, attractions, contraptions
Terrified me

Help me out with this one
Entertain me please
If you’re going backwards
Sing my soul to sleep

It’s not the same
She’s gone, you’ve changed
I find myself in ruins
I should not have stayed

Help me out with this one
Entertain my brain
Take me back to where my heart still beats
and hide me from today